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kayamanan design holder by EdithSparrow

I love it :) The warm colours give the feeling that this one may be a fighter and I don't know why but it makes me feel like it is a tre...

Winged Wonder by Faejala
by Faejala

All I can say is that it is truly amazing and I can't wait to see more of this type of art from you :D (don't mind the rest of this it i...


Early Autumn, Year 757 of the New Age
Windborne, The Billabong, Beach side

The water was quiet, the air was still, the sun was bright. Added to the light snow that left a light layer of white all around him, Legeónas was happy. True, he was alone, but he was happy. Not alone my sweet, never alone. The light stag grinned at the soft voice that spoke soothingly to him. “No, of course not.” He said quietly to himself, his light blue eyes glistening happily. It was a peaceful time, being out away from the herd. He was free from the fighting of the other stags, the greedy stags who wanted nothing more than to but heads and claim themselves a doe. “I don’t understand. Why do we fight for them? Shouldn’t the doe be able to chose who it is she wants to be with?” Some things we will never understand, son. A masculine, fatherly voice assured him. But we must accept what is, or else we will be upset. Legeónas nodded his head. “I don’t want to be upset.” He mused quietly before grinning once more. “I will just stay away so I won’t have to be a part of it.” That’s my child. A voice praised and he was happy once more.

The wind still had a slight chill in it but it just made Elsa feel more calm and helped with her nerves a lot. She was making her way to the billabong, as it's rut season and she doesn't want to have a fawn this season or be mad handled by a stag who will just leave her with the child. "I don't understand, why do the males just seems very mean as some doe's like me don't get treated right or are just not shown any interest by stags" she sighed at the thought of the future if this is happening now, she didn't want to breed with just any stag she wanted to find a mate and have his child in her. She was almost at the beach when she heard the wind whisper to her, someone is on the beach..a stag...but not like the rest. Elsa froze in her walk she started to freak out trying to figure out what to do, she started breathing fast. Stop Elsa, just walk out there and if he talks to you talk back a soothing voice said, her mother was speaking to her through the wind. "Ok mother I will" she said then walked out of the trees and walked onto the sand, she was heading to the water to think and get away from the rut fights going on. Walked slowly, her tail held above the sand and only just slightly scrapping the top of the sand, her mane was flowing in the wind like the leaves on the trees. She was at the waters edge now, she put her hooves in the water and she lifted her head to face the sky as she closed her eyes and a breeze swooshed her mane and tail hair back as if she was running. She had forgotten that the stranger stag was there.

It was peaceful, he was happy, he was content. He didn’t need someone to keep him company, not while he had his friends with him. When he noticed the doe walking out onto the beach though, he grinned - a happy, sweet, fawn-like grin. Perhaps he wouldn’t have to be alone. But should he speak to her? He didn’t want to interrupt if she was doing something. Go on son, it can’t hurt to say hello. A voice encouraged. Perhaps she is lonely too. He grinned at the idea. He could help her. If she was lonely, he could make her feel better. With his head low he slowly walked toward the doe, ears flopped to the side, bright blue eyes glistening as he smiled kindly. “Excuse us.” He spoke kindly, softly to the doe. His tail twitched unsurely as he remained in the low, relaxed, friendly posture. “We were wondering if you were lonely.” He offered.

When the wind stopped she smiled, what just happened was her mothers spirit hugging her in a way but also helping her know that she is by her side. Her hair slowly floated back down, parts of her mane ended up between her ears like a fringe. When she heard the stags voice she lowered her head and looked at him, his blue eyes glistening in the sun light. His eyes reminded her of the ocean, she was being her shy self and that's when her brain kicked in and she started to remember what her father said, that she was ugly not even worth fighting for a bad luck child. Her mother always told her she was beautiful and worth fighting for, her mother even fought for Elsa from another stag. Well Elsa sweety are you going to reply to this gentleman? He seems nice, her mother spoke again with wise words as usual. " y..yeah I guess I am" she said then she looked at the ground instantly she didn't know what to do she has never spoken to a stag that doesn't want to kill her, she she thought looking at the ground was the thing to do at the time. The wind started to blow, at the time some of her mane was covering her brown eyes, as a gust of wind blew it revealed her big brown eyes. They lived up to the saying of big doe eyes, her eyes would always tell her true feelings and right now she was feeling ugly, worthless and a tad scared, oh how she wished her mother was here. Do not fear child...give him a chance to show his true colours. "Okay.." She whispered to the wind.

The cream stag watched the light doe quietly. She seemed unsure as to how to answer him, which confused him. Was my question that hard to answer? No, of course not. She is frightened child. Be kind to her and she will open up. Be kind? Yes, be yourself. He nodded his head slightly in agreement even before she had replied to him. He wasn’t sure why she would be shy around him though, he would never hurt anyone. She might not know that son. You must show her you are a friend. “Ok.” He whispered quietly, his gaze returning back to the doe before him after having wandered off to the water.
When she admitted that she was lonely, his smile grew brighter, not because she was lonely, no he hated to see her lonely, but because that meant that he could help her. If he was her friend, she wouldn’t be lonely. It made him happy to think that perhaps he had the chance to help someone else be happy too. “You won’t have to be lonely now.” He assured her, taking a step forward and extending his muzzle to her in greeting. “It’s nice to meet you. We are Legeónas.”

She watched the cream stag, she didn't know if she should trust him or not but she was lonely and wouldn't mind some company at the moment. Child be nice and introduce yourself, he is handsome I hope you don't do anything silly like letting him go! "Yes" she whispered to the wind, she stood up and nodded as he introduced himself. "Nice to meet you Legeónas, I'm Elsa" she said extending her muzzle to greet him, she smiled as she felt calmer now around him, "why do you say I won't have to be lonely now for when I leave I shall be lonely again?" She said with a sad tone, she had no family to go to only her mysterious father. She just couldn't think how she would survive this rut season on her own, how she would fend off the stags. Elsa stop thinking like that, he seems nice and caring just give him a chance before you make a decision. Find out more about him if he opens up take the chance. Ok mother I will, she said in her head. "I'm sorry for how I answer and act..I'm just not use to being near stags as I'm not pretty I do not feel like I deserve their attention, well at least that's what my father kept telling me..." She said turning to face the sea.

“Well um…” He tilted his head to the side, the small strand of mane that draped over his rack swung in front of bright blue eyes. “You won’t have to be lonely while you are here.” He assured her with a bright, encouraging grin. He didn’t like to see her looking so sad and unsure, it made him sad too. Don’t worry child. She will be fine. Yes, perhaps you can help make her feel better. The cream stag nodded his head in reply to the words of his friends, grinning slightly more even.
“We are sorry.” He said, reaching his chocolate brown snout out toward her when she mentioned her father. “We think everyone deserves attention.” He told her gently, smiling with his head lower to her level. He then glanced back at the water and with a light chuckle pranced over to it, splashing cloven hooves about and getting himself as well as her wet. “We know! Let’s play, that will make you feel better.”

"Thank you" she said softly, enjoy this time with him...he could be your new friend. She watched him as he approached the water and before she could say anything she was instantly soaked in water, she tried to hold the laughter but it was too much and she just bursted out with laughter. She smiled and pranced to the water and started splashing her hooves in the water which she splashed towards him. "This is making me feel heaps better, thank you!" She said then splashed him some more. Ooh la la someone has a friend *giggle*. The wind was speaking to Elsa, speaking sense and hope into her, maybe she has a friend now her first friend in a very long time. She was enjoying herself spending time with them was so much fun they helped her remember what it was like to have fun, they reminded her that there is still good in the world. "This is so much fun! I wish everyday could be like this" she said smiling looking at Leo, she looked down at the water straight after then she planted her feet in the sand then she shook her whole body, water was flying everywhere in every direction.

To be continued...


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