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Featuring Baenre and Erebus
 Summer, Year 760 of the New Age
   Blackwood, Near the Red River

It was a bright and sunny day for Blackwood, and Erebus was not going to waste one minute of it. He had woken early to a single ray of sunlight filtering through the trees and poking him right in the eye. Realizing the perfect conditions of the day he rose with excitement and decided to head off on an adventure. He had taken a bit to decide what to do but realizing that his friend, Seern, was in dispose Erebus was resolved to go wandering on his own. Registering that he had not been up to the more northern areas of Blackwood for a while Erebus’s decision was made much easier with that fact. He headed off in the direction of the Red River. Erebus began his small adventure with a spring in his step and a look of expectancy glinting in his eye. 

The hot rays from the sun warmed the young hinds dark coat as she made her way towards the Red River for her summer holiday away from her hollow.
She looked ahead to see that the once gloomy dark forest now had a hint of life and light, and a feeling that it wasn't such a hard place to live in.
She loved travelling to the Red River, it was her favorite place in all of Blackwood. To her it was her own bit of paradise by the river.
Her travel there in the past has always been easy and quick. She had never been interrupted or had  problems. She walked at a steady pace focusing on getting to the Red River quickly when she heard multiple twigs snap and a deep raspy chuckle echoing from her right side, ears pinned back and nostrils flared she turned her head to see who dared interrupt her holiday journey.

The world seems for once calm and happy. Erebus was much more used to cold dull grey days that then led to dull dark nights, but this day was bright, cheerful, and full of opportunities. It was by now mid to late morning and the day was getting a little too hot for the Blackwood who was much more used to the chillier weather of the region. Erebus paused for a moment enjoying the sun on his back and he looked up through the trees’ broad branches and gazed at the bright blue sky. 
well off I go I might as well spend a few days at the river Erebus sighed with a smile of contentment on his face. The buck started to walk again excitement and expectancy now filling him. 

She turned to see who had disturbed her. Standing just merely a couple of metres away from her, was a young buck who was just a few inches shorter than Erebus, the young buck she met a few seasons ago.
She didn't know what to do, she could either continue on her journey and risk being followed or confront the young buck. 
I hope this doesn't end too bad...for me. She thought to herself as she glared at him.
"Who are you and why are you following me!?" She yelled with all her breath but all the buck did was smirk and laugh.
"Now now little filly that is no way to treat someone older than you is it? Anyway you might want to be careful with who you start a fight with" he said with a dirty smirk as he looked Baenre over, a bad taste was in her mouth she knew she couldn't trust him at all.
"You're just scared that I'll beat you! A young doe beating a young stag wouldn't that make a funny story to go around Blackwood" she teased, but the comment irritated the young buck and he lashed out at her and the fight commenced. She dodged his attacks as best as she could, but unluckily she lost her footing and fell to her side. Buck lashed out his hoof making contact with her back leg. She screamed out in pain, a fiery feeling went through her body. She tried to get up but her leg stung with agony. Glancing at her leg Baenre realized her leg was bleeding profusely from a large deep gash.

Erebus had been walking a long time, the trees had grown slightly shorter and the ground seemed to have become just a tad slanted upward, yet otherwise the other physical features stayed the same. Pricking his large radar like ears Erebus heard a scream echo through the woods. Erebus cocking his head sped up his ears swiveled forward. Turning a sharp bend the young buck entered a small rather ugly clearing, that held a gruesome sight. A young black stag stood towering over a dark brown doe that was bleeding what looked like gallons of blood from a gash in her leg. Erebus took a closer look at the young doe and realized that the filly was Beanre, the doe he had met about a year ago. Snorting loudly he leapt between the stag and Baenre. He wasn’t sure what had lead to this fight and he didn’t know who was at fault, but he knew that it was not okay. Standing in front of the young buck erebus looked down his nose. 
“Excuse me sir but what seems to be the matter?” Erebus snorted raising a questioning eyebrow as the stag began to open his mouth.
“Excuse me sir but what do you think you are doing? You’re in my way!” The black buck tossed his head and pawed the ground with his hoof trying to move around Erebus.
Erebus stepped in front of the stag again “ What do you think you're doing?”
“Move out of the way!” the stag growled and charged Erebus.
Erebus easily dodged the charge, and at the same time stuck out his front hoof sending the stag flying. The opposing buck stubbled but caught his footing. He then spun facing Erebus again approaching him more cautiously. This time Erebus was the one to charge. He lowered his head slightly covering up his unprotected neck, but making sure he could still see his opponent clearly. He then dashed forward his nostrils flared, this time he was less than lucky. The other stag caught Erebus’s flank with his back hoof cutting Erebus’s flank open. Spinning Erebus kicked out his back legs making contact with the stag’s boney front leg. The stag crumpled under the impact, but the buck soon sprang back up baring his teeth. He charged Erebus again. Erebus shaking his ears crouched and lowered his head, his back legs set wide apart and ready to take the oncoming impact. Closing his eyes Erebus braced himself against the charging stag. The two met with such defining noise it echoed through the wood and caused the ground to vibrate. Erebus’s head hurt terribly, it had not been a good idea to meet the charge head on without his tines, but he pushed the pain away and pushed against the black buck his face screwed up in concentration. Erebus sent one last shove sending the stag stumbling backwards. Erebs didn’t wait for the stag to recover he leapt at the other buck. Erebus kicked out with his back legs feeling the satisfactory feeling as his hooves made contact to the buck’s rib cage and sent a loud cracking noise ringing through the clearing. Erebus then spun around to face the stag and with one final nip sent the black buck running in fear. 

Her body was riddled with pain and fear as she looked to see that she was laying in her own blood. 
She thought this was the end, that her young life was already over, but just as she was about to lose all hope another stag jumped in between her and the attacker she didn't realise who it was at first but when the fight between the two stags commenced she could see her hero was Erebus, a stag she had met a year ago.
"Erebus?" She called out as if she couldn't believe he was actually here, she wanted to help him but the pain was too great and she knew that if she tried to fight anymore it might be the end for her.
She was amazed at how Erebus could take such a beating yet still fight on, the brawl quickly turned ugly and she wanted to look away but didn't, she watched on as Erebus defeated the other stag and watched as the black stag ran away hopefully never to come back.
"Erebus, thank you" She said as her head slowly touched the ground from exhaustion.

Erebus turned, his sides heaving, to look at the small bloody doe that lay curled on the ground in a pool of her own blood. Opening his mouth Erebus began to tell her off. 
“Baenre what the hell did you-” He stopped himself as the small doe whispered a solemn thank you as she let her head fall to the ground. 
“Baenre!” Erebus called out as he quickly leapt over to where she lay, her eyes closed and her body shaking slightly. His brow was furrowed in concern as he knelt down beside her “Baenre can you hear me? You are gonna be fine I’m gonna look over your wound if thats fine?”
Erebus eyed the large gash in her back left leg. Nudging around the wound gently he checked for bruises or fractures. She let out a slight cry of pain as his muzzle touched her flank.
“Shhh Baenre it’s all right I am just checking your cut. You are fine just relax.” Erebus spoke softly his eyes screwed up in concentration, her cut was bleeding way to much and he needed to stop in or else she could possibly bleed to death. 
“Darn, the little cowered must of hit a major vein.” Erebus whispered under his breath. 
Again Baenre let out a soft cry of pain or fear, and Erebus’s heart felt for the little doe. Reaching down he nuzzled her gently and speaking in soft tones of reassurance. 
“Baenre I will be right back I just need to find something, just lay still.” Quickly glancing around Erebus found a large leaf and a hand full of long thick pieces of wild grass. Hurrying back to the young doe he placed the leaf gently on the cut. With some struggle he wrapped the long blades of dry grass around her leg and the leaf.
“That should work for a bit while I go find some supplies, just lay very still.” with that he turned and headed off into the woods to find what he needed to help the little doe in the clearing.

She was constantly in and out of consciousness, the pain was becoming unbearable to the point where she wanted to end all of the pain right then and there. 
When she heard Erebus’s voice hope filled her body, she could survive this and see her twin again sometime, she was going to live not just for herself but for her father as well. She forced herself to stay awake while Erebus went to get something to help, he didn't go too far and came back with a leaf and wild grass.
He placed the leaf on her cut and pain shook her body with the touch, but as Erebus struggled to get the wild grass around her leg she was struggling to stay conscious. She wanted to thank him again but she couldn't make the words come out.
She moaned and groaned as the relentless pain pulsed through her body as if it was her heartbeat. She watched as Erebus left again to go find different supplies to help heal the gash in her hind leg. As he left, the warm fuzzy feeling inside her went away, she wanted that feeling back again as it dulled the pain to a more bearable amount.
"Erebus come back"she whispered breathing out a raspy hoarse breath that sent a slight trembled through her body. She noticed there was a slight breeze in the air, although it was still hot under the summer sun.

Erebus sighed, breathing in and out slowly as he tried to focus on the task a head. Looking around Erebus began to search for something that could stop the constant flow of blood coming from Baenre’s leg. 
“Something, I just need something, but what?” Erebus murmured to himself, his brow furrowed in concern. 
He wandered for a while looking around at the ground and the trees until he found a mesh of spider webs. In excitement the young buck knelt and picked up a round stick that had been laying near by. Taking the branch firmly in his teeth Erebus began to wrap the spider web around the stick. Finally, after much wrapping he held a very large wad of spider web. Glancing around once more he found an old dirty strap of leather squished between two rocks. Quickly grabbing the leather in his mouth he turned back toward the clearing his ears pricked forward.
Reaching the clearing he saw that Baenre had not moved an inch, the young doe still lay on her side her chest rising and falling in small almost unnoticeable breaths. 
“Baenre I’m back” Erebus spoke softly as he knelt next to the little doe again. “I’m just going to put some stuff on you wound” the young buck whispered gently to the wounded filly. He then began to wrap some of the spider web around her wound. After the mesh of sticky strings were applied Erebus tied the old thick strap of leather around the does cut. 
“There Baenre, just lay still and try to sleep. I am right here.” Erebus murmured gently as he lay down beside the small dark brown doe. As he wrapped his tail protectively around the the filly he nuzzled her reassuringly. 
Over the two young fawnlings the moon rose showing its face above the dark trees. There it looked down upon the two as if it were a large silver guardian. 

Erebus Word Count: 1,488
Baenre Word Count: 860
Total Word Count: 2,348
From Acquaintance to Hero

Featuring Baenre and Erebus
 Summer, Year 760 of the New Age
   Blackwood, Near the Red River

Right Left Hand Challenge by sprite-light
Right Left Hand Challenge
Mwahahahahahahaha! Yes, you people are unfortunate enough to know me XD ANYONE is free to do it, even if I didn't challenge you!

Here's how ya do it.
Draw a pic w yo right hand.
Redraw it w yo left hand.
Choose 5+ ppl to challenge.

I challenge...
theSilverJackaL Tani-wolf equiinfinite AussieCreations halloweendonkey Ameythst  

Anyone is welcome to do do this challenge 
Ask Amelia by sprite-light
Ask Amelia
PB Coloured = 5 XP
BG = ?


You and your SHATTERED FRONTIER characters can ask Amelia questions which I will respond to with art and or literature La la la la

I will be including your character in the art response :D

Amelia Summers

:new: she got designed :D :new:
theSilverJackaL did a lovely design which met my requirements :D

Little Brother 1163 x Aqeutak 210
1 Female, natural mane
Submissive, healthy
Marked tundra with accents and pangare

i'm looking for someone who would be able to do just a simple full body drawing of my two tokotas so I can use it as their references which help me keep track of art I have done of them.

Tokotas in question are:
Lotus                                Akluitok 
Lotus 286 by TotemSpirit And WsC Akluitok 584 by TotemSpirit

If you can help that would be great! As I am so busy that I'm neglecting my own lovely Toko's :(


I have finished 6/6 commissions all of tokotas, I'm in love with all of them haha I'm so excited to have finished the last one!
cause my to-do list has shortened a bit.

TO-DO :new:

1 portrait for SageFacility of Gypsy Legend
hunting image for SageFacility of Gypsy Legend DONE
10 HP for SageFacility of Gypsy Legend
exploring, hunting, fishing images of my Tokotas
find someone to design geno

I will post constant updates on my tokotas and commissions I do of other peoples tokotas :D
Ever wanted to try something different or are you Interested in owning a bear character that has different objectives to fill well you're in luck!

Group 1: Takaras
The group is currently a work in progress but with your help it could become something beautiful! so go pop on over and have a look :) 
they are looking for some admins so if you're up for it have a look here… in the artist comments will give you the information needed :D

Group 2: b-e-a-rs
This group is more fleshed out and has some info up about the different factions; there are four factions the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western.
Each faction has humanoid riders/owners different for each faction the same is with the bear breeds all are different to match each faction. It looks like an awesome group that could go really far and many stories can be made because of this group also great RP group by the looks of it :D


sprite-light has started a donation pool!
5 / 1,000
To be able to get a custom Tokota <3
All donations are accepted and highly loved :D

You must be logged in to donate.


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I'm a student, yay!

love wolves and horses and landscapes.
I do both Traditional and Digital art and love both styles!

I appreciate all my watchers and everyone who faves and comments on my artwork :D
I wish to travel the world some day to see all the different landscapes :)
Alaska <3 is one of the places I dream of seeing ;)
I haven't felt snow before and I really want to hehe


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