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Josh Taylor by sprite-light
Josh Taylor
Name: Josh Taylor
DOB/Age: 19 years old, November 1st
Species: Werewolf
Sex: Male
Occupation: Boxer, Bar tender
Status: Single 
Current residence: Somewhere in California,
Old residence: upstate New York
Raised in Red Bank USA since age 4
Born: Alaskan Wilderness
Special talents: Skilled in hunting, one of the best fighters
Hobbies: camping, motocross, shooting, boxing
Pets: auburn coloured wolf hybrid and grey mare
Likes: Girls, hiking, adventure, boxing, hunting, sport, music and swimming.
Personality: Josh is a chilled guy he jokes about a lot of stuff and just has fun while his young he goes out drinking with his friends. He can get serious especially in boxing fights and hunting.


Art,Josh (c) me
Ref (c) google

Weekly Quest

With: Naloau 2269 by TotemSpiritSebastion 3143 by TotemSpirit 
and their handler Maia

It was that time again when TCA went around to visit schools and teach kids about the species of Tokotas, the officials would talk about the characteristics or the different builds and what makes each build different from the others. The kids were always so interested and awestruck hearing and seeing all the information. But the moment when they see the guest Tokotas is priceless and makes handlers days and I bet it does also make the Tokotas days, Yes I know what I'm talking about as I'm going with TCA this week with my two Tokotas Naloau and Sebastion.

We got to the first school and the excitement seen from the kids as they watched others and myself get our tokotas ready. Surprisingly Sebastion was the calm one standing still and not fussed by everything around him, Naloau on the other hand was excited she wanted to go meet everyone not just the little kids but the other tokotas.

"Come on Lou settle down a bit aye, you'll get to meet them soon enough only if you calm down and behave. Alright?" I spoke motherly towards Naloau as she was still young which is why I brought her to this as she is young and won't mind being touched and climbed over or even hand fed.

"Alright folks now the time you have all been waiting's TOKOTIME!!" One of the TCA officials announced and all the coos and squels of happiness and excitement rocketed out of the building to the outside area under a big tent. I was standing around the middle with my two sitting beside me, I had brushes and toys in a bucket to the side.

A couple of kids came over, with a soft smile I introduced myself and my tokotas.

"Hey guys, my name is Maia and to my right is my boy Sebastion and to my left is my little girl Naloau. In this blue bucket I have some of their fave toys and some brushes for you guys to use, I'll just be sitting down not far away so if you have any questions or problems just come get me alright." Bass and Lou were wagging their tails, they were as excited as the kids were.

Bass laid down to get down lower for the kids and Lou followed by lying down and rolled to her side.

"Psst kids, Naloau loves pats and belly rubs! Also Sebastion loves being scratched behind his ears, he also pulls funny faces" and with that said I went and sat down with some fellow handlers and watched on as the kids sat on Sebastion and scratched behind his ears as the others laughed at the faces he pulled. A little girl was giving Lou pats and belly rubs and hugging her, Lou would lift her front leg up so it didn't hit the little girl when she hugged her. The little girl went and got a brush with her friend and they started brushing Lou's mane and decided to do little braids in her mane, Lou didn't seem to mind at all she was just so relaxed.

Sebastion was giving kids rides and pulling funny faces as he got scratched behind his ears. One of the kids brought out a toy and he started playing with it going into full pup mode, making cute little yip yips and wagging his tail so much you'd think I'd fly off.

The day was a breeze I even let the kids feed Lou and Bass their lunch. I told stories about Lou and bass to the kids and about my other tokotas back at my tribe, I talked to them about my personal experience with tokotas and why they mean so much to me.

"How come Tokotas are so important to you Maia?" One of the little girls asked me.

"Well being and orphan and constantly having to move around with the orphanage I never had a family, never felt apart of anything, never felt like I belonged. I was also the only Inuit child in the orphanage and when it came to being adopted out no one seemed to want me. So when I turned 17 I ran away from the orphanage, I had ran away many times before but was always caught but this time was different I had a plan. I ran out into the wilderness and wandered around for hours upon hours until I found a cave I made camp, a small fire a bag full of everything I owned. Little did I know is that there was a Tokota in this cave but only a young one like myself at the time. It snuck out behind me. At first I was scared as all hell, I thought it was going to kill me but she didn't she softened up and slowly approached me and laid down next to me, She placed her head on my lap and fell asleep. That's how I got my first tokota Lotus and after that she protected me from everything other people, tokotas, animals and even the weather. She became my family and as months went on I got more tokotas and our little pack formed, my pack, my family. I finally had a family." I finished telling my story and the kids had been leaning on Lou and Bass who were having a nap.

Our time at the school came to an end and I let the kids say goodbye to Lou and Bass, who decided to give all the kids sloppy kisses. I went and said my thanks and goodbyes to the teachers and parents.

After getting everything packed up I went to my friend Roan.

"Today was pretty good, Bass and Lou did pretty good for their first time meeting kids" I said with a chuckle and Roan chuckled as well. She knew how Bass and Lou were with others.

We talked for a bit then parted ways, I went back to packing my stuff away when I heard a parent call my name.

"Excuse me Maia" a ladies voice echoed to my ears, I turned around to see a tall blonde lady walking towards me with her daughter who was the one spending most of the time with Lou.

"Yes, How can I help you?" I asked putting my hands to my side.

"My daughter wants to give you something" the little girl pulled out a wooden frame picture of a drawing of wild Tokotas.

"I want you to have this so you'll remember me" the little girl said. I squatted down in front of her and gave her a huge hug a tear rolled down my cheek.

I pulled out of the hug and wiped my tear, this was the sweetest thing that could've happened.

"Thank you so much! I will cherish this forever. I don't ever be able to forget you and neither will Naloau. Here take this photo I got of you and Naloau." I took out the photo in my pocket that I got after lunch and handed it to her. She smiled so bright like the sun, she hugged me and thanked me then we said our goodbyes.

Now that everything was ready it was time to head off to the next school, to do it all again.

"Man I love this!" I say out loud to myself and with that the journey started.


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